About Us

Anthony E. McMahon Legal Costs Accountants are primarily concerned with the drafting of legal costs and the Taxation/Adjudication (measurement) of same before one of the Legal Costs Adjudicators of the High Court or before a County Registrar in Circuit Court matters. The costs involve not only the Solicitor's fees and expenses but also those of the Barristers and Expert Witnesses.

Increasingly our services are sought in advisory, consultancy and opposition work. We provide a range of services from simple telephone advice to cost projections, Bills of Costs and formal opinions.

Costs can be measured and Adjudicated or Taxed on many different bases. We are most frequently asked to cost litigation in contentious matters in The Circuit Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The District Court is different in that some scale fees apply.

We can also measure costs between Solicitor and Client, costs in non-contentious matters, handover of files, work in progress and so on. If there is a legal service being provided it can be assessed and taxed.